For the first time in the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the islands of North Caicos and Middle Caicos will be linked by an ultra-modern bridge and given an extensive network of newly paved roads as part of a $32million investment in the upgrade of infrastructure in those two islands.

In what Minister of Public Works the Hon. Jeffrey Hall described as a dream come true, Government has secured the funding to construct a causeway linking North Caicos and Middle Caicos from Toby Rock in North Caicos to the Ferry Landing in Middle Caicos.

Speaking during and exclusive interview with The SUN, Hon. Hall revealed that the bridge or causeway will be just under two miles long and will cost a little over $5million. In addition to the bridge, the Progressive National Party (PNP) government will be carrying out extensive repairs to the roads that join the causeway from both islands.

He said they will pave 23 miles of road from the North Caicos side starting from the North Caicos Port up to the causeway and from the Middle Caicos side,
21 miles of new road will be paved from the Ferry Landing to Lorimers Creek.

“This is certainly one of the biggest projects landed by any government in the history of this country and I am particularly pleased that the people of my constituency Middle Caicos as well as the people of North Caicos will be the recipients and beneficiaries of such a significant development because it is something that they truly deserve,” Hall said..
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$32M To upgrade and link Middle & North Caicos

He added: “For a long time the roads in Middle Caicos were seriously neglected. In fact, the last time anything significant was done to the roads in Middle Caicos was during the PNP 1991 administration while Robert Hall was the representative for Middle Caicos, but I was determined to change that from the time I became a minister, because I honestly believe that the residents of Middle Caicos deserve much more than they were getting under the last administration.”
Hall said plans are afoot to have a ground-breaking ceremony for the project in early October. It should be completed within 18 months.
Funding for the project was secured by TCI Government in collaboration with the European Union (EU). The British Government has given its stamp of approval to the development.
“The work is out for tender and will be tendered for five weeks,” Hall added. “The successful bidder will be awarded the contract by October 1, to commence construction shortly after. The tender for the roads leading to the causeway will be out in two weeks and is expected to be awarded in mid-October.”
Hon. Hall, who was quite upbeat about the project, said that when the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands is written years from now, the linking North Caicos and Middle Caicos will undoubtedly be recorded as one of the most significant and progressive infrastructural initiatives of this period.
“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Middle Caicos and North Caicos will be drastically and positively transformed to the extent where it will bring about a whole lot of opportunities to the people of Middle Caicos, who, for example, will have easy access to the North Caicos, and also the children from Middle who are going to the Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos will be able to live at home. This is certainly the start of big things to come for my dear and loyal people of Middle Caicos,” he added.
Hall said the causeway between North and Middle was really the PNP vision since the days when the Hon. Norman Saunders was the Chief Minister.
“His (Hon. Saunders’) dream was to link the Caicos Islands from South Caicos to Providenciales and this, for all intents and purposes, is the initial process of realising that dream. Every administration of the PNP has kept this dream and vision alive and I feel proud to be the Minister and simultaneously the representative for Middle Caicos who is now delivering it. The next link will be from Middle Caicos to East Caicos and then from East Caicos to South Caicos. We are thinking about it right now and after we secure our next term in the next general elections it is something that we will definitely be concentrating on achieving,” he said.
Hon. Hall also revealed that in addition to the causeway, his plans for Middle Caicos include the long-awaited Middle Caicos Administrative Office that houses the District Commissioner. That building is now under construction to the tune of $2.5million in Conch Bar.
Additionally, tenders will be out in two weeks for the Middle Caicos Cave Visitor Centre which will have modern bathroom facilities, an information centre a warden’s office and a gift shop. Then there are plans to lengthen the runway, make additional improvements to the airport terminal building and have a fire truck stationed there. He also said that designs have been completed for the clinic in Middle Caicos and it is anticipated that this should be tendered in about a month from now.
“While all of these things are happening, I am implementing a programme to employ some of our more mature persons from Middle Caicos back into gainful employment,” he said. By this I mean those who are not employed and who are depending solely on National Insurance so that they can be more involved in the community and areas such as the preservation of our eco-tourism sites. This should begin next week Wednesday.
“I will continue to deliver for the people of Middle Caicos and ensure that they are not left out. I am excited about being able to serve at them at this time and to keep the dreams of Middle Caicos people alive, and I look forward to serving them again and for a very long time to come,” Hon. Hall added.

It Should be noted that the Honorable Jeffrey Hall was re-elected on the 9th of February, 2007 for another 4 years.

And here are the fruits of his parties labor!





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