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Middle Caicos Tours Car Rentals

Chevy Van

Kia Spectra

Ford Expedition




$55.00 PER DAY

$60.00 PER DAY

$75.00 PER DAY


Eagles Rest Villa's Aerial View of Paradise and Shangri-La

Bambarra Beach Middle Caicos


Boat Rentals, Car and Fishing Guides Available @ Extra Cost Caicos.html

Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies

 Reservations : (239) 793-7157 * Phone/Fax: (239) 239-793-7157

U. SW. Cell # is 1-239-777-7086

Turks Island Phone # 1-649-243-8371

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Turks & Caicos IslandsBritish West Indies

 Reservations Only: (239) 793-7157 * Phone/Fax: (239) 793-7157

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