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January 31, 2009




To All Investors and Dreamers, such as I:


Bambarra rum, The Spirit of the Turks & Caicos, launched to great fanfare in November in the Turks & Caicos Islands. It marks the introduction of the first true premium rum product blended and bottled locally.

The owners of the rum brand contracted with Wired Island to develop the brand, including the name, label, and point of sale material for the product line. Wired Island also came up with the ‘story’ behind the rum, linking it to the historical settlement of Bambarra, Middle Caicos, where some of the first African settlers in TCI landed after their ship wrecked in 1841. The story has come unexpectedly timely when the wreck of the Trouvadour, the slave trader they were on when they shipwrecked, was discovered off East Caicos just a week before the launch of the rum.
22 January, 2009
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Check out to see how you can fulfill your dream of owning a piece of a rock in the middle of the Caribbean where nobody can envision what a snow shovel looks like ! And where Lobster and Conch outnumber residents by a margin of 1000 to 1!


My trip this past month was extremely fruitful as we had four crews on the ground at once trying to keep us moving forward despite the pains of this economic recession facing the U.S. AND THE WORLD. 


We managed to clear lot 40203/132 in preparation for our new Townhouse project as evidence by the attached photo's which also highlight the quality of our new blacktop road. I shudder when I think what it would have cost to repair their brand new road had we not succeeded. The Trencher surely paid for itself in just that one incident….



Even more excited because we finally managed to get our first pictures of our first million dollar mansion located on Bambarra Beach which has just gone under roof... This is located on lot 40203/52


They will surely finish this luxurious mansion in time for the holidays.. How beautifully exciting... It's gonna be tough keeping up with the Jones if this keeps up..


Our contribution to MC Development will be




At long last we have received our titles to section 40201 and have started completed the underground electrical installation to the site and in fact to the individual lots.                       Before, During and After              




George Gibbs is to be applauded for his dedication to the completion of this monumental task which included burying the lines and placing the junction boxes in key locations so as to allow for ease of connection in the near future.


Approximately 90% of you have signed on for the Underground Electrical Conduit Installation Program.  I am deeply appreciative to the response and dedication you have shown to make our investments that much more valuable and esthetically beautiful. The fact that you saved some $3-$5K per lot while adding to the beauty and value should also make you very happy.


Lot sales have dropped off considerably as a result of the world economic crunch, however we are now finally receiving a substantial amount of inquiries and in fact despite the crunch and after we get the Townhouses under roof, we will begin solicitations for investment partners on our dive resort that we anticipate building on parcel 40201/49 


We now have our very own resident Dolphin and sadly, due to my work load, I was unable to swim with him/her this past week... Exciting as it is to say the least...  We need to stay focused and with all we had to do, it was impossible to get out there with " Gambi ".





We have ordered and await shipment of our subdivision street signs which we hope to install before the end of March of this year....


Our second t 20’ x 80’ steel building has arrived and will be constructed as soon as we have planning permission… We have applied for planning permission to build a 6 unit two story Townhouse on parcel 40203/132 along with 16 block storage units and the 20 x 80 Steel Building. We have already constructed a smaller unit on my beachfront property to house our Gardening equipment and Dive gear as well as other maintenance equipment... 


My new rotor tiller arrived and we have cleared off an acre of our property to establish our nursery. We have already planted several hundred Christmas Palms, Thatch Palms, Bougainvillea and Hibiscus to start with and George will be digging trenches and furrows with the Ditch witch Trencher as soon as he completes a few last minute requests for underground electric conduit installations in section 40202. With some luck, we will also find time to start a fresh veggies farm to offer lettuce, tomatoes and onions to our guests and then perhaps to the new Boutique hotel which is planned for Half a Creek ( Aniyana



Our Dump Truck arrived last week and has already been cleared from customs by George who is transferring it over to Middle Caicos as we speak...Our resident manager, Mr. George Gibbs is doing a fabulous job of keeping up with our shipments and growth….


Our plan is to start trucking in sand and stockpiling it in anticipation of our construction needs. The rainy season is almost upon us and washed sand is tantamount to our construction progress on a timely basis..




Your probably already aware that we  purchased a 2002 Ford Expedition and a 7 passenger Chevy Van to carry people in and of course to allow us to deliver boats on trailers to the various boat ramps to be constructed in the near future both at Gambol Point and at Half-A-Creek Marina which is just a half mile from our Osprey Beach Subdivision…. In addition, we just took delivery of another 1/2 ton pickup to assist us in our various projects.


Opportunity presented itself once again locally here in Naples and we added a 12’ x 6’ Motor Cycle Trailer to the fleet which will be used for transport of product from North Caicos and for rental to people such as yourselves to store valuable construction materials and tools during time of construction….



Those of you planning to visit with us need to call up the web site http//   in order to be currently aware of the schedules


Inquiries have remained surprisingly strong in light of the current worldwide economy…. Our web site received 4,000 hits in the past 23 days since being reinstated.


We have some awesome aerial photo’s we will share with you as soon as we retrieve them from the laptop which we managed to forget in MC in our haste to catch the North Caicos Ferry.


These past two weeks have brought us much news and there is yet more to follow.


Take care and feel free to write with any questions or concerns….


P. S. We have instigated a “ Free Tee Shirt with every lot purchased “ program which is getting a lot of laughs…. “ Give your spouse a Tee Shirt and explain the rest later  “


We went thru the first 42 shirts in weeks and just ordered 144 more which we will offer for sale at cost plus shipping for now ..  You can have one of the following:




Indicate which one or more you would prefer…. And the sizes ….Only $15.00 per shirt, plus shipping...




Hopefully, you are enjoying these updates and wish to continue receiving them...If not send us an email and we will remove you from our list.....


Remember the good old days ??



Dick Zebo



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