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Jan 2009

March 2009


Morning Co-Pilots, friends and neighbors

I am still driving the ship until you get your feet on the ground and this crazy world economy repairs itself..
My thoughts and aspirations are simple, to keep Middle Caicos moving forward and make the best out of our/my available dollars in this troubled economy. There is no question that the Condo's I intend to build on 40203/149 are going to elevate properties values on all lots in these subdivisions, especially yours or possibly those that you are considering to purchase.


Coming Soon !

Royal Hideaway Townhouses

Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos, TCI

Royal Hideaway is now open and ready for guests


Prices starting at $399,000 $499,000



If your curious and would like to see the floor plans check out 40203/149 Upper and 40203/149 Lower  We expect a revised artists rendition of the new building this coming week.
Can't say I am 100% positive at the moment because the world is upside down however I see foreign people driving up and down the road every darn day and that's a great sign. They come over on the ferry from Provo, hire a car and then explore... Those that like what they see will make contact and join us in our little hidden paradise.... I am placing signs all over the island... Might be time to go one step further and do a brochure and map of Middle Caicos as a promotional giveaway ??
The political climate is resolving itself and the new Chief Minister, Galmo Williams  ( Premier ) is a personal friend of mine for over twenty years... That certainly cant hurt us. He is an energetic and successful businessman and will be a definite plus for the Turks & Caicos Islands.
My Nursery is under construction and 3500 plant pots and Shade Cloth arrive tomorrow... May take some time but it's gonna be a Coconut Palm Tree Heaven.. 4 pallets of Top Soil, Peat Moss and Fertilizer are also on the ship.Introduced the first Royal Palms to Middle Caicos.. May they flourish and bear many little ones..

I have regained my energy level and I am pushing forward on several fronts, The Townhouses, The Steel Storage facilities and the Nursery...
While most people would bitch about the slowdown in sales, I am relieved because it now affords me the time to concentrate on the developmental phase of what must happen to make our island grow and prosper.  I smelled blood on the construction phases, and so I stayed an extra 6 days to assure me of a satisfactory product and made sure that enough equipment was on hand to allow my people to move forward while I was gone.

I am back in the Caicos on the 21st of this month and am bringing my brother Larry along to supervise some of the work load I have planned and scheduled. Our Street signs are on the ship enroute to Provo for all three subdivisions and are scheduled to arrive today, the 9th of March. We will supervise the installations during our next scheduled trip of the 21st of this month...




Herzog Construction is moving equipment in tomorrow morning to grade and put the Road access and driveways in both the Condo's and the Storage facilities... He is also relocating a screw-up on the entranceway to our section 40203/164 as it is in the wrong place, actually crosses over into somebody's lot ( 153 ).

George Gibbs, our property and project manager is loading sand and delivering to the site.. The pea gravel is already there as I ordered another 12 yards yesterday prior to my departure. My Rebar and several additional pallets of cement arrive either tomorrow or Tuesday the 10th of March and so we are making serious progress..
I cancelled the pour of the floor in the Storage buildings for two weeks to allow me time to ponder placing utilities under the slab so as to let me reconfigure this property into rentals sometime in the future.. The thinking being that I can dismantle the steel building and then build a block foundation and building around the existing pad in the future as long as I have the utilities installed, Electric, Water & Sewer....


A good portion of my time in the Caicos this past week was dedicated to the installation of two junction boxes in 40201 section as well as that of the new Condo's and Storage building area. Sometimes, you just have to go and do it yourself.  I personally delivered block and cement to the sites and saw it physically completed save for the covers which had to be ordered.

Osprey Beach is certainly earning it's name with six Osprey's either on the ground or in their nest.




Yes, we will all be great friends and partners.. as well as neighbors...That is what life is all about...and we will prosper.. Of this I am sure... If you haven't already joined us in our little hidden paradise, call me at 239-777-7086 or write me at eaglelanddevelopments@yahoo.com


             Dick Zebo
Waiting for you in Paradise


P.S. Our New web site is www.caicosproperties.tc/Royalhideaway.html